Hyundai goes even further with the 2021 Hyundai 45 EV concept


Hyundai goes even further with the Hyundai 45 EV concept

Hyundai 45 EV Concept

Despite the vast range of hybrid and electric products Hyundai already offers, we’re on the verge of discovering an all-new electric vehicle: the 45 EV Concept. And it’s going to be incredible!

New because the technology has evolved. But what we really love about the Hyundai 45 EV is its retro style. It’s inspired by the 1974 Pony Concept. Just a tad over 74 years ago. Remember that the Pony was the first car produced and sold by Hyundai.

A certain revolution for the Hyundai 45 EV Concept

We believe that the working name of the 45 EV is also related to the numerous 45° angles found in its design. Nevertheless, we know that it’s a whole new world under the hood. Hyundai already offers electric vehicles that run on batteries, like the Ioniq Electric and the Kona Electric. There’s also a fuel cell format with the Nexo.

But this new SUV should be the manufacturer’s first vehicle based on a platform specifically designed for battery-operated electric vehicles. Dubbed E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), this platform will also be used by Kia and Genesis for their electric vehicles.

The Hyundai 45 EV will go far

We’re eager to see this vehicle—which may be renamed the Pony—come racing in, whether from the past or the future. Regardless of its name, the Hyundai 45 EV will certainly feature an astounding range. We’re talking more than 415 kilometers. That’s more than the comparably sized Kona.

Considering this charmed future and all of these beautiful promises, we can hardly wait to see this vehicle roaming our streets—this car that will bring back memories to those who knew the Pony in its infancy, a little over 45 years ago.

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